Public Assistance Program

Alternative Procedures (Section 428)

Today, the AVANTI team is supporting the Public Assistance Program (PAP) in Puerto Rico.

AVANTI technical services are engaged again supporting FEMA Public Assistance Program.  AVANTI’s SETA expertise is assisting Puerto Rico's municipalities, churches, private schools, and non-profit organizations (NPO) throughout the island.

AVANTI Technologies, established in the U.S. in 2006 and in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2016, has assembled the top professionals in disaster management leadership and other funding avenues. We are dedicated and committed to execute the PAP initiative by surveying over 200 buildings as of short term. AVANTI is in Puerto Rico to assist in disaster relief in every way it can.

Vega Baja

Our Customers

22 Signed Contracts signed with over 220 facilities in Puerto Rico:

Instituto del Desarrollo Humano

Iglesia Jesucristo Fuente de Amor

Iglesia Universal de Jesucristo

Iglesia de Dios Pentescostal MI

Universidad Pentecostal Mizpa

Saint Monica Billingual School

Order of St. Benedict-Colegio San Antonio Abad - Humacao

YWCA - San Juan

Iglesia Misión Cristiana Manantial de Vida Defensores de la fe

Colegio Pentecostal -Arecibo

Academia Pentecostal School-Humacao-Pueblo

Academia Cristiana de Fogos Ponce

Radio Triunfo Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal MI

Ebenezer Broadcasting Group (EBN-WIDP)

Colegio San Benito - Humacao

Iglesia Cristiana Restaurando tu Vasija

Iglesia Bautista de Metropolis

Sisters of the Order of Benedict

Ciudad del Niño

Iglesia Pentecostal de Jesuscristo

Santuario de Schoenstatt - Juana Diaz


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