Corporate Profile

AVANTI Technologies is committed to Satisfaction, Value, and Excellence.


AVANTI was founded in May 2006 to assist companies and government agencies with technology transitions and the information gaps experienced by so many businesses.  AVANTI has grown from a single individual contractor to a fully staffed consulting business competing and positioning itself as a Prime and Subcontractor.

AVANTI has a unique edge while performing Systems Engineering, Technical
Assistance (SETA) services for EW and Cyber or for Information Technology (IT) or to support its Public Assistance Program capabilities for disaster relief areas. AVANTI’s exceptionally  qualified key personnel and subject matter experts provide in depth assistance to our customers by providing one-of- kind technical, engineering, administrative, information services and disaster relief efforts. Our employees and support contractors have continually demonstrated an ability to create government client relationships that foster an increased culture of excellence. AVANTI’s proven experience provides business opportunities that have exceeded customer requirements and expectations.

AVANTI’s “can-do” approach for the development and employment of new
innovative technologies, services, and information systems will ensure success and
closure for our clients. Our system engineering and technical assistance (SETA)
team, to include our disaster services support and information personnel, will provide
options and the way ahead to our customers.


AVANTI's specialties


  • Technical Consulting for Government and Commercial Entities

  • Identification, adaptation and delivery of revolutionary and emerging technologies

  • Electronic Warfare and Cyber Convergence Integration

  • Information Technology Solutions for Office, Agencies and Departments 

  • Leading medical discoveries throughout the US

  • Leading disaster management, assistance and recovery field within the Public Assistance Program